Walk For Recovery
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 6:15PM
Garon Rowland


 In recovery, one of the things we learn very early on is...

I completely agree with this philosophy and have adopted it as a way of life. But after awhile these individual days start to add up to weeks, months and years. Today marks 335 days I have been sober. 335 days is also equivalent to 11 months.

A very important milestone is 30 days away.  By the grace of god, I hope to be able to say on August 30th that I am ONE year sober. 

As a preemptive celebration, I am raising money for Minnesota Recovery Connection's third annual Walk For Recovery. I will be participating in the walk and hope to raise $365 by August 30th - a dollar a day that I have been sober.


Walk for Recovery
Saturday, September 21 | 10:30 AM
Lake of the Isles | Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Recovery Connection has been a resource I have leaned on during these last 11 months and will continue to do so in the future. They work locally with Hazelden where I attended out patient treatment last fall. The recovery community has been very important to me as I re-learned who I am, what I believe in and how I plan to live my life each day.

Addiction has affected a number of family members in my life and a number of friends. It's a very real disease that affects all aspects of living. I choose to talk about living in recovery because I hope to help others who are affected by this disease see that recovery is possible.

Thank you in advance for your support!



About MRC's Walk For Recovery

This is a National Recovery Month event to express gratitude, convey hope, and to celebrate all in recovery and those who help recovery happen! This is a way to celebrate recovery, show your support, generate hope, reduce stigma, and offer living proof that recovery is real!

Funds that you or your team raise will help MRC to continue our mission of strengthening and supporting the recovery community through peer-based recovery support programs, advocacy, and recovery-related public education.

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