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{Day 2} 30 Days of Creativity

I had a very unfortunate incident in late April {while I was interviewing for a part time job} involving a broken nail polish bottle, my keys, my wallet, cell phone and my purse. If you're reading this, imagine the worst, multiply it by 10 and you now understand exactly what happened and why I needed a new key chain.

I've been meaning to make a new key chain for some time, even before the nail polish incident, but kept putting it off. This was the perfect creative project for Day 2.

I present to you my new green and silver key chain:

When creating this key chain, many ideas went through my head, but one bead kept sticking out to me. This glass bead with green and gold accents. I wanted to fin something to compliment it without too much color, to still have the focus be the green and gold glass bead. After digging through my bead collection, I found this simple, unique clear glass beads and felt they complimented the key chain design perfectly. I added it to my keys immediately and have found it has been very easy to find in the bottom of my large purse everyday.


{Day 1} 30 Days of Creativity

As promised, I finished my Minnesota Nail Art project today I have been working on intermittently since January. Drum roll please............



30 Days of Creativity {#30DoC}

While I was browsing through twitter yesterday, someone had retweeted this post by @CreateStuff:

I was immediately intrigued and poked around on Create Stuff's website. I was sold. I am going to participate in 30 Days of Creativity for June 2012. I have a number of projects lying around the house half-finished and many more that I have supplies for but haven't started.

For {Day 1}, I will be finishing my Minnesota Nail Art which was started in January.

I will be posting all of my creations to my 30 Days of Creativity Pinterest board as well. Look for my posting on June 1st for the final product!


ariana's graduation party

Working with Ariana on her graduation party was an absolute joy. Her personality is infectious + positive, you couldn't not smile after talking to Ariana and see her passion for everything she does.

As a member of Eastview High School's Class of 2010, the appropriate blue and black color scheme was an appropriate choice. Finding a font encompass Ari's personality was quite easy - a light, feminine script that was easy to read.

In addition to the invitation, we created a video slide show with all of Ari's favorite pictures from the first 18 years of her life. Some of our favorites were the montage stills from her senior picture sessions with the wonderful and talented, Melissa Oholendt.

{Photo Credit} Melissa Oholendt


keri + ryan stanzel wedding

Being a part of Keri + Ryan's wedding was very special to me. Having Keri as my manager and good friend, I was able to see their relationship grow from friendship to the 'unofficial' first date and 'official' first date to their engagement and wedding.

Our company encouraged us to participate in a mentoring program at Horace Mann Elementary School in St. Paul which is how Keri + Ryan got to know each other, playing board games with their buddies and where they ultimately exchanged vows and had their reception.

The wedding was on Thursday, December 10, 2009 in the School Library. A perfect setting for a small, intimate wedding with many personal touches that exemplified their love and the history of their relationship.

It was all about the details for Keri + Ryan's wedding {no surprise here, if you know Keri}.

I took the lead on most of the creative pieces: ceremony programs {with the help of students}, hot chocolate bar, custom water bottle labels, guest book, wreaths, twinkle lights and tulle decoration.

{Photo Credit} The lovely and talented Melissa Oholendt was Keri + Ryan's wedding photographer.


gingerbread house

Saint Paul RiverCentre hosted Saint Paul's Wild Winter Wonderland November 27 - 29, 2009. The 3-day event was held inconjunction with HealthEast's Foundation Festival of Trees annual gala and included a gingerbread house competition, kids arts and crafts area, food and beverage from Wildside Caterers and visits with Santa.

When I first heard about the Gingerbread Competition part of the event, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I had never built a gingerbread house, but always admired the ones I had seen at holiday bazaars growing up.

There were only a few rules for the competition:

  • Only food products could be used as a part of the structure. No plastics, glue or cardboard. {No cheating here.}
  • The base could be any size up to 24" x 24". {Go big or go home. My base was the maximum size.}
  • Team or individual, professional or amateur entries were accepted. {Individual, amateur at your service.}

But there were many of things I learned along the way:

  • Good gingerbread makes all of the different in the world.
  • Don't over mix Royal Icing or it will not hold. Or under mix for that matter.
  • Start with a paper construction of your house. It is helpful to see
  • Michael's has a whole section of gingerbread house candies in small quantities. Cheap too.
  • The dollar store is the place to go for candies you need a lot of. Red Hots and gum drops.
  • I like to work with fondant. 
  • Glass candy is almost impossible to cut to the specifications you need.
  • It takes much longer to build, assemble and dry than you ever expected. It took me over 3 weeks to complete the entire project.

It was a competition. I finished 3rd place behind the Saint Paul Hotel's pastry team and a group of 3 of my co-workers.

The Gingerbread House of 2009 has been {by far} my favorite project I have ever completed. I look forward to competing again!




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