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3M Championship Golf Tournament

Golf. You either hate it or you love it. And I love it. During my junior year of high school, I was required to watch coverage of the Masters Tournament for Mr. Schumacher's Sports Lit class as an assignment. It was hands down one of the best classes {and assignements} I had in high school and ultimately taught me to love watching a game that was such a large part of my childhood.

It wasn't a Sunday at my Grandma & Grandpa's house without golf on. Still to this day, that is the case, except we watch golf almost 7 days a week - thank you Golf Channel for the continuous coverage.

Last weekend was the 20th Anniversary of the 3M Championship that is a part of the Champions Tour out at the TPC in Blaine. This year they allowed fans to bring their cell phones to the course and follow along via the 3M Championship App and recruited volunteers to be a part of the Mobile App Crew.

When Gage Marketing asked for volunteers, I couldn't say no. When Nathan Eide, from Gage, asked for help with some of the badges for the app, I couldn't say no either.

Together, we came up with 5 badges that needed to be created:
- Volunteer Center {For checking into the Volunteer Headquarters}
- Family Fun Zone {For checking into the Family Fun Zone}
- 92KQRS Party Zone {For checking into the 92 KQRS Party Tent / 19th Hole}
- Noonan! {For checking into the Caddy Tent}
- Like a Boss {For checking into any VIP Skybox on the course} - This one is probably my favorite

The creative direction from Nathan was quite minial, except for the names that were to be used, from there it was up to me to come up with different ideas for each of the badges.

We had a weekend full of great weather, wonderful golf and fun times. Already looking forward to next year's tournament!